Understanding the Phases of a Romantic Relationship

There are many resources for information on how to have a good romantic relationship. One resource, http://confessionsofascorpio.com/, brings up some interesting points in terms of how to evaluate a relationship and see if that relationship has any sort of chance of surviving the long run.

The first thing to understand is relationships have classifications. Even long-standing relationships will typically go through various phases. For example, the most initial stage of an adult relationship typically involves lust. Lust can seem like a dirty word to some people, but this sort of infatuation is not always a deviant sexual term. In many cases, this defines the initial phase of a relationship. It can mean that two people are attracted to each other and they have a fanciful and entertaining relationship where they enjoy the attractiveness of each other.

However, if a relationship can’t go on from the whimsical and carefree nature of a lustful relationship, it may not be a relationship that can stand the test of time. Usually, in about a six month span of time, if the relationship hasn’t progressed to something more serious, looking for something deeper in one of these relationships could lead to disaster.

A relationship that is progressing will enter a phase in which the physical attraction, while still remaining, will move over for more meaningful issues. A good relationship that can stand the test of time is one that incorporates communication, trust and an ability for a couple to work together. The physical attraction needs to remain, but in these more mature and growing relationships, things, such as being able to talk openly and frankly with one another, is a telltale sign of a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Most people who’ve been in any sort of relationship, whether it’s a short-term relationship or it’s a marriage that has lasted 50 years or longer, understand that relationships themselves can be difficult. Despite this, few types of hard work are more rewarding than having a solid relationship. Committed couples will fight occasionally and will disagree, but a relationship built on physical attraction, communication and deep-seated trust is one that can persevere for many years to come.