California Jazz Festivals Happen All Year

Music festivals are common in most States during the warmer days of spring and summer. California cities and towns host music festivals all year long. What the means for Jazz fans is that somewhere in the State, most months of the year, there will be a Jazz festival. They begin in January with a huge competition in Folsom. Folsom California Jazz Bands, from middle schools to local artists, compete at the Folsom Jazz Festival. Over one-hundred and forty bands can be heard on seven stages. The entrance fee for the whole day per person is less than the cost of going to a movie.

There is more music in Folsom at the Wine and Jazz fundraiser that occurs every March. May brings the Sacramento Jazz Festival, while June offers Jazz in San Francisco. Jazz music fills the air in August at the San Jose fete. There is also the Hollywood Bowl Summer Jazz Series to keep fans entertained. Monterey hosts another Jazz celebration in September. Those who live locally can get in the car and bring the whole family to the event. Those who live elsewhere may want to plan ahead and vacation in California to hear some great Jazz music at their preferred city. Arrive for the festival, enjoy the restaurants, and relax in the first-rate hotels in the area.

In addition to Jazz music, California offers many other attractions and activities to accommodate the tastes and preferences of just about anyone. There are scenic hikes and drives for a leisurely vacation. Beaches for miles for swimmers, surfers, sun bathers, and those who enjoy body boarding or riding a jet ski. Canoeing, kayaking, rowing, and boating are also available. Film studio tours, amusement parks, resorts, world-class shopping, and outdoor sports are sure to provide plenty for a family to enjoy. Museums, cultural centers, and theaters are found everywhere. Go online to find tickets to the Jazz festival of your choice; learn about accommodations to suit any budget; and discover package deals that make California an affordable family destination. Go for the Jazz and be amazed at all the other relaxation and entertainment the State has to offer.